Couples Therapy and Counseling

In a friendly and funny voice, long-time therapist and mindfulness teacher George Taylor gives dozens of practical, powerful suggestions for couples wanting a happy and healthy relationship that lasts long after that first kiss. George gets right to the heart of the matter, with tools that could make an immediate and big difference for anyone.
— Rick Hanson, Ph.D., author of Buddha's Brain: The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love, and Wisdom
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Most couples whom I talk to tell me that they are having “communication problems.”

I can help you to learn to speak to each other more honestly and more authentically, and then:

  • Your bad feelings of loneliness, frustration or resentment will be eased.

  • You will feel more loving and peaceful with your partner

  • You will feel less anxiety that the relationship is deteriorating and that conflict is escalating

My couples counseling can give you all these benefits.

In sessions with me, you will learn specific communication skills.

Then you can practice them at home, using the book I wrote, A Path for Couples.

My couples counseling is effective, short-term and solutions-oriented.

You can learn to speak to your partner intimately and lovingly.

You can create immeasurable positive results in your relationship: more creativity, happiness, peace, and connection.


I focus on the specific communication patterns of stress and conflict that occur in your relationship.

These patterns and conflicts are the places where change can happen quickly, because small changes in language and perspective can alter those stressed conversations, and lead to more understanding and intimacy.

I have found that A Path for Couples, a program of teachable skills and home practices, is the most effective way to transform your relationship into a vehicle for love and consciousness.

How Does My Couples Therapy or Counseling Work?

  • 60-90 minute sessions
  • I am available virtually Skype/Facetime/Zoom
  • In-person sessions are available in Marin County or San Francisco.

Please contact me for a free 30-minute "Get to Know Me" session or with any questions that you may have.