Information Survey #1: Signs of Trouble

Do you notice any of the following problems in your relationship?

You are building up feelings of resentment towards your partner.

There are certain topics that you want to talk about, but that you just cannot talk about without conflict.

There are periods of hours or days when you feel lonely.

There are periods of hours or days when you feel shut off from your                 partner. You are waiting for something positive to happen, but                             you don’t know how that will happen.

You sometimes imagine what your life would be like without your                        current partner.                     

If you answer yes to two of these five questions, your relationship is in trouble.

I can help you.

Information Survey #2: Predictable Conflicted Patterns

Do you notice that:  

Conflicts with your partner on certain topics are predictable and Repetitive?                                

You tend to say the same thing in these conflicts.

At the end of the conflict you usually Feel Distance from your partner.

You often ask your self, why did I say that?

3-5 Specific topics or ways of interacting cause 80% of your conflicts?

If you answered yes to three or more of the questions, you have achieved a good level of self-awareness about your stressful patterns. My program is designed to build on this awareness, and give you new skills and tools.