About George Taylor, MFT

Experience & Credentials

Lists of credentials and work experiences are fairly dry, but I've included them below for your convenience.

Personally, I would summarize my professional life like this:

  • I worked as a college teacher for ten years, preparing and delivering classes to adult learners, mostly in English composition and literature.
  • In 1985, I began to teach relationship courses and workshops with my wife, Debra, who is a psychotherapist and a teacher at Spirit Rock Meditation Center in Woodacre, CA. We presented our work together at major conference centers in California and elsewhere.
  • As I was receiving my own Marriage and Family Therapy license, I began doing couples counseling. To benefit my clients, I began giving them handouts for study and home practice.
  • Then, three years ago, I assembled those handouts, all of which have been tested on thousands of couples, into a book called "A Path for Couples" which describes a specific sequence of skills that couples need.

For me, it’s exciting to see how my experience as an adult educator and couples therapist have come together to create the couples therapy and classes described on this website.

George Taylor & Debra Chamberlin Taylor (Margot Duane Photography)

George Taylor & Debra Chamberlin Taylor (Margot Duane Photography)


Bachelor of Arts Degree, English,  University of Michigan.

Masters Degree, English, California State University, Humboldt.

Masters Degree, Counseling Psychology, California Institute Of Integral Studies.

Licenses and Certifications

Permanent California State Certification, Community College English Teacher

California State Marriage Family Therapist License, #31219

Somatic Therapy Program, Hendricks Institute, Santa Barbara CA

Professional History

1981-1994: Editor and Consultant, Publishing Industry, SF Bay Area

1981-1994: College Instructor, English Departments, Bay Area Universities         

1992-1996: College of Marin Counseling Department.

1993-2015:  Licensed Family Therapist. San Francisco and Marin County.