Individualized classes for couples using the new book

A Path for Couples

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"George Taylor's clear step-by-step guide book is both wise and full of heart."
             — James Baraz, Spirit Rock Meditation Center teacher.

Most couples envision sharing a life of love and joy with each other. They look forward to deeper intimacy and inner discovery.  Then somewhere along the way, they feel as though they are bushwhacking through a thicket of life’s issues. 

They ask, “Is there a map or trail that will guide us on our journey?”  

This workshop offers a time-tested Path for Couples that leads partners towards the treasures that are hidden in their hearts.  They will discover that a joyful, awakened connection is possible.

Couples will:    

  • Practice Intimacy Skills
  • Learn How To Communicate Authentically
  • Learn How Power Struggles Can Become Gateways
  • To Growth And Deeper Connection
  • Learn How To Collaborate And Have More Fun

Powerful experiential exercises and guided partner meditations will give couples tools and inspiration to choose communication patterns that open hearts and awaken consciousness.

Participants will learn specific practices which will reignite the spark of an alive and growing love., and which can be done on an ongoing way at home. 

These practices are contained in George’s new book, “A Path for Couples: Ten Practices to Transform Your Relationship,” which will be available at the workshop. Join us for this exciting celebration of the publication of the book, which is a repository of the wisdom and experience of George’s and Debra’s 35 year marriage, and his 25 years as a couples counselor.

We teach couples, in small groups, how to do the ten key practices that are featured in the workbook, "A Path for Couples."

The class becomes a learning community, in which couples teach each other how the practices can change their communication habits and lead to transformation and intimacy.

Over the course of the class, couples see how other people wrestle with real-life problems, with relationship conflicts, with child-rearing issues, with career changes,  etc., within the model of relationship as a transformational process.

They see how deeper communication is the foundation to better solutions to problems, and to more intimacy and health.

Who takes the class?

Couples like you.  Couples who know:

  • They can express more love.
  • They can be more authentic and vulnerable.
  • They can be more creative, within the safety. and challenge of a committed relationship.

Who comes to readings and classes?

Couples like you.  Couples who know:

  • You need to transform your own communications
  • You need to look at yourself and your own behavior
  • Blaming, withdrawing and pursuing don’t work
  • These processes are actually part of the habituated problems that cause so much frustration and distance.

These couples have a vision:

  • They can express more love.
  • They can be more authentic and vulnerable.
  • They can be more creative, within the safety. and challenge of a committed relationship.
This is a class with concrete exercises that creates an atmosphere of greater honesty, intimacy and trust... The tools presented have helped us to understand our relationship and to be more aware on our relationship path... The weekly exercises are making a significant positive change in our relationship, more and better than couples counseling.
— Past participants in "A Path for Couples" Classes


Debra Chamberlin Taylor and George Taylor, MFT, have been  teaching conscious relationship together since 1985. They are inspired by the love and healing that couples can create by using simple mindfulness and communication tools.

They have taught these powerful tools and practices to thousands of couples at Spirit Rock Meditation Center and throughout the United States. They delight in communicating these teachings in body-based, experiential classes. 

Debra and George have spent thirty five years working on their own relationship using practices they have learned from innovative teachers like Steven and Ondrea Levine, and Gay and Katie Hendricks. 

Debra has 40 years of experience as a psychotherapist and retreat and group facilitator, and teaches meditation nationally. Her expertise is in helping students reconnect with the essence of love and wisdom within themselves, and between them and their partners. 

Geo has been a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist for 25 years, and specializes in teaching his couples about communication and creativity. He recently published “A Path for Couples: Ten Practices for Love and Joy.”  

Together, in their personal and professional lives, Debra and George create models for couples on a path of healing and awakening, and they are committed to enjoying fun, creativity and play.