The Next Path for Couples workshop is At Spirit Rock Meditation Center:

Sunday Feb. 12, 2017

Heart Practices for Couples

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Most couples envision sharing a life of love and joy with each other. They look forward to deepened intimacy and inner discovery. Then somewhere along the way, they feel as though they are bushwhacking through a thicket of life’s issues. They ask, “Is there a map or trail that will guide us on our journey?” 

This workshop offers a time-tested path for couples that leads partners towards the treasures that are hidden in their hearts. They discover that a joyful, awakened connection is possible. Partners will learn to be more mindful of their communication patterns, which can either draw them closer together or create distance. Experiential exercises and guided partner meditations will give couples tools and inspiration to choose patterns that open hearts support awakening. Participants will learn specific practices from "A Path for Couples," which will reignite the spark of an alive and growing love, and which can be done on an ongoing way at home. 

Couples of any race, age or gender preference welcome. 

These practices are contained in George’s new book, A Path for Couples: Ten Practices for Love and Joy, which will be available at the workshop. Join us for this exciting celebration of the publication of the book, which is a repository of the wisdom and experience of George’s and Debra’s 35 year marriage and his 25 years as a couple's counselor. 

Photo courtesy of Margot Duane

Photo courtesy of Margot Duane

To learn more about A Path for Couples, click here to download, "A Quick Course: 8 Tips for Couples Who Are Short on Time"