How Positive Communication Affects a Family

A couple of years ago, I had a couple which was working on clear communication. The wife had her complaints, and so did the husband. Big surprise. Couples can create so much distance!  But they were both learning to tell the truth, to open to each other, and to communicate more fully.  The man was at his son's piano lesson, and the teacher got sick and there was a big hubbub. And he was supposed to pick up dinner. His wife was upset, naturally. But the dad said to the son, "Look, it was my fault. Of course she is upset." The next day, the son commented, "Mom seemed so much more forgiving than usual." The dad attributed that change to two things: One he had taken full responsibility for the mistake, instead of making excuses. And two, he said, "We have been so much more connected lately, I think she cut me a break." "Cool," his son said.