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Thoughts on Relationship #2  July 20, 2017

Saturday I attended a friend's funeral. She was a bright, creative, loving therapist. The church filled with her sorrowful friends, who reflected on her death in an accident at 54. 

She had created strong enduring relationships with so many people. And that capacity of hers, for love and attention, was the theme of the eulogies.

No one mentioned what kind of car she had, how big her house was, what her retirement plan had in it.

No. At that powerful moment of reflection, all anyone cared about was the ties she had, to her family, her neighbors, and friends.

A powerful reminder of what is important!







Thoughts On Relationship: Number One.   July 20, 2017


Sometimes people ask me, how can I handle so much suffering that comes into my couples' sessions.  


I know that my couples, like myself, have bad communication habits and overly strong reactions to relationship issues. Okay.


But what inspires me is that my couples want to heal, want to grow. A woman last month said eloquently, "In order to change, I have to be willing to look at myself, and stop blaming my partner." (Of course her partner nodded enthusiastically!)


"I have to look at the injured, unhealed parts of myself. And sometimes I don't like what I see. Sometimes it feels so uncomfortable."


It's these kind of statements that inspire me, that make me want to be part of the healing path these couples have taken. This woman's courage gave me energy for my own path.


And I take a lot of vacations!