About My Work

When I work with people, sometimes a kind of electricity fills the room.

It's not unusual for one of my students to look more closely into an old injury or belief, maybe for the first time.

Suddenly, they see how it is affecting an important relationship. Often this insight leads to emotional disclosures and to a new intimacy.

These moments of healing and connection occur regularly in my sessions with couples, and in my classes.

The love that my students are longing to experience is unveiled. A new path of healing and intimacy opens for them.

These experiences with couples create some of my greatest joys.

In 1993, I received my California license as a Marriage and Family Therapist. At this time, I had already been teaching relationship workshops with my wife Debra, a psychotherapist and Spirit Rock Center Meditation Teacher.

From the beginning of our relationship in 1979, we have wanted to experience the depths of love and creativity available to us, as partners and householders.  

Our personal experience in marriage has deeply informed our teachings on love, relationship and consciousness.

We have done the ten key practices in A Path for Couples hundreds of times. We know they work.  

We have continued to develop our love, our trust and our faith in each other, opening to greater and greater depths of appreciation, joy and cooperation.

In my teaching work with Debra (now in its 30th year), and in my own classes and sessions, we have taught the ten key practices to thousands of couples. We have seen how transformational this work is.

A Path for Couples was not developed in a vacuum. I have been lucky enough to study with innovators in the fields of couples counseling, consciousness, and positive psychology.

  • Drs. Gay and Katie Hendricks
  • Stephen and Ondrea Levine
  • Dr. Rick Hanson
  • Jack Kornfield
  • James Baraz
  • Tara Brach

I offer each of these teachers and colleagues my deepest thanks.

Debra Chamberlin Taylor and George Taylor

Debra Chamberlin Taylor
and George Taylor

It’s hard enough to become a conscious person within yourself. To be conscious and skilled in intimate relationships is, for many, the last frontier. A Path for Couples provides a marvelous roadmap for navigating when the terrain gets bumpy. George Taylor’s clear step-by-step guidebook to a more fulfilling relationship is both wise and full of heart.
— James Baraz, author, Awakening Joy